New JUMO Float Switch in Horizontal Design

JUMO NESOS R40 LSH combines simple mounting with a high degree of reliability

The JUMO NESOS R40 LSH is a new addition to the JUMO NESOS series. It includes devices for point level measurement such as floats and reed contact. It also includes devices for level measurement such as floats and reed chain. The float switch is particularly easy to mount so that it can be used in a wide variety of industries.


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Due to the horizontal design, it can be easily mounted on the side walls of tanks and containers, from where it can then reliably measure the respective point level (MIN/MAX-level). The measurement is independent of many media properties, pressure conditions, and container geometries. It provides up to 2 switching contacts – which do not require auxiliary power (voltage supply) – for redundant level measurement.

JUMO NESOS R40 LSH is available with a guide tube length of up to 1 meter. The device can be operated at temperatures from -52 to +240 °C and process pressures of up to 88 bar. It is available in protection classes IP65 to IP68 and optionally with ATEX as well as IECEx approval ([Ex i] and [Ex d]) for use in zone 0. Consequently, it guarantees a particularly high level of process reliability. A version with a temperature probe/switch is also part of the product range. As a result, no additional tank or container opening is required for temperature measurement.

The maintenance-free device design and simple mounting enable JUMO NESOS R40 LSH to save maintenance time and costs. Storage costs can be reduced by using the MIN level or MAX level with a variant. The float switch is individually adaptable to many applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in mechanical engineering and container construction.

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